This is what I'm working on in my spare time.


Sequency is a type-safe functional programming library for processing iterable data such as arrays, sets and maps. It's written in TypeScript, compiles to ES5-compatible JavaScript and works in all current browsers and Node applications. The API is inspired by Kotlin Sequences.


Stream.js is an object streaming pipeline for JavaScript, inspired by the Java 8 Streams API. It's a lightweight, dependency-free functional programming library written in pure EcmaScript 5.1 and works in all current browsers, Node.js and Nashorn. You can install Stream.js either manually by downloading the latest release from GitHub or via Bower or NPM.

The GitHub Matrix

The GitHub Matrix shows a constant stream of recent commits from GitHub, just like in the movie Matrix from 1999. Click on the drops to open the corresponding revision on GitHub. Use the pause/play button at the lower right corner to pause and resume the matrix animation (or press SPACE). The UI is based on vanilla HTML5 canvas, the backend is a simple Spring Boot application hosted on Heroku. The GitHub Matrix is also available as a screensaver for Mac OSX.

Javadoc Reloaded

As a proposal for JEP 225 the Javadoc Reloaded project transforms arbitrary Javadoc API folders into fully fledged searchable webapps from the 21st century. The tool is written in Java 8 and built with Maven. The frontend is tested and optimized for current desktop browser.

Java 8 Explorer

The Java 8 Explorer project extracts all new classes and methods from the Java 8 Javadoc API and generates a website which let's you explore all those new stuff available in the latest Java version. You can search for new types and classes in order to find all the new goodies.


Nake is a simplified version of Make for the Java 8 Nashorn Javascript Engine. You define tasks in a project specific nakefile.js and call them from the command line. Tasks are written in Javascript and run natively on the JVM by utilizing Nashorns jjs -scripting command. This enables you to utilize everything from the JDK 8 API or any external Java libraries.


Chaya is a fully functional HTML5 Web Chat written in Javascript. The server is written with Node.js and Express. Communication between client and server is handled with Websockets. A running instance of Chaya is hosted on Heroku but you can simply clone or fork the project and start your own private Chaya instance.

Money Sheet

Money Sheet is a free Android app available in the Google Play Store. With Money Sheet you can track your payments and outgoings easily on the fly. Create your monetary categories to track (e.g. supermarket, gas stations, shoes), then use the keypad to add amounts of money to a category. Use build-in history and statistics to keep track of your payments over time. The app is written long time ago for Android 2.2. I don't maintain this app any longer because I've switched from Android to iOS.

Chrome Bookmarks

Chrome Bookmarks is an extension for the Google Chrome browser to show all your bookmarks in a compact popup. Although the extension is fully functional this extension never made it to the Chrome Web Store.